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Drift and Dwell Time Conquering Security's Biggest Concerns

Drift and Dwell Time are likely the two most important terms that you’ve rarely heard mentioned, even though they are often the difference between a minor event and headline breach. Drift refers to changes that occur after the system has been locked down, creating unexpected gaps in protection. Dwell time refers to the productive lifespan of a breach, during which credentials and data are stolen, and when systems and reputations are destroyed. In 2020, the complexity of the cybersecurity challenge continues to stymie leaders nationwide. While improvement is obvious, simple errors are opening up the largest organizations to breaches, and successful attacks are still going on for months before they’re discovered. Overcoming these two obstacles—dwell time and drift—requires a combination of thoughtful planning, integrated protections, continuous monitoring, and timely response in the face of attacks. In this Alert Logic + ConvergeOne webinar, we will: Describe the challenges associated with protecting your organization against drift and dwell time Explore root causes of drift and dwell time, as well as impact Share strategies for identifying and addressing gaps in protection and disrupting attacks By the end of the webinar, you will have a firm grasp on the challenges that drift and dwell time continue to pose, and a set of options to choose from in order to create and justify your own plans for minimizing their impact on your organization. Join industry legend, Jack Danahy, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Alert Logic, and ConvergeOne’s Tim Femister, Vice President, Digital Infrastructure, for this special session. Jack Danahy is a highly regarded cybersecurity industry icon, having successfully founded three security startups that resulted in acquisitions by Alert Logic, IBM, and Watchguard Technologies. He has also received 12 security patents.