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How to Optimize Your Customer Experience with Data You're Already Gathering

Contact center optimization starts with a deep understanding and measurement of the customer experiences that you are currently delivering. You must start by asking yourself the following questions: Why are your customers contacting you? If you don’t know the answer to this, how can you determine why they are contacting you? What can you do with this information to drive continuous improvement to the customer experience? Join this webinar to learn about our brand new Customer Engagement Optimization Services offering (in partnership with NICE), which extracts meaningful insights from the data already gathered in your contact center to proactively improve applications and business processes obtained with these analytics, resulting in a more connected customer experience and greater operational efficiency. We’ll also share how you can contain a greater percentage of customers in your IVR. Many companies save millions of dollars by increasing containment by just 1%—what could that mean to your business? Register today to take the first step to building a superior customer experience that is driven by an analytics-based program with continuous improvement strategies.