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How to Quickly Respond to Increased Customer Requests in Times of Change

Learn how Conversational Experiences with Avaya and Google Contact Center AI can help you flatten the call curve. Today, your contact center is being flooded with inquiries across all channels, not just voice. You need to deflect routine Q&A so that your valuable assets—your agents—can focus on other priorities, but the new or next “normal” will generate even more inquiries, so the need for help will continue. How will you meet the demand? AI is one of the hottest buzzwords, especially in contact center and customer service. Now more than ever, you have an opportunity to dramatically change customer service costs and effectiveness and at the same time take care of the pressing needs the current crisis has brought. Further, AI can help your agents adjust to new policies and procedures. In this session, we will discuss AI’s current role in the contact center and what analysts are predicting over the next 6-18 months. We will cover what Avaya, Google, and ConvergeOne are doing to layer AI into contact center environments, and the benefits you can receive from it today. Join us to understand how AI can be deployed quickly and easily to take care of today’s issues and help in the future, as we work toward our next wave of normalcy.