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Managing Cybersecurity Risk for Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

Credit Unions Can Take Control of Cyber Security and Privacy Risks: Proactive Management of Cyber Security Risk for Credit Unions and Financial Institutions According to Gartner, ransomware attacks increased 110% in 2021, year over year. Some of the biggest issues facing credit unions are the lack of asset classification, program development, and data visibility. The financial industry is one of the most visible targets for cyber attacks in the US and a lack of proper cyber security hygiene is the culprit. Join ConvergeOne in understanding the programs, gap assessments, and risk management approaches that Credit Unions can take to achieve regulatory and compliance requirements. Remember, compliance doesn’t equal security and security doesn’t equal privacy. This webinar discusses how to make all three work together, to achieve operational and business success. In this 60-minute webinar, we discussed: - Understand the state of cyber risks as it affects credit unions and other financial institutions - Steps to take in the creation of supportive cyber security and privacy programs - How ConvergeOne has helped credit unions in creating ongoing cyber security programs that follow a sound framework for continuous operations - Open discussion of common technology obstacles