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Mining Call Data for CX Gems Insights in Challenging Times

Let’s face it. Today’s work environment looks different than a month ago—which is true during any type of crisis. Knowing how customers and agents are interacting is the key to a healthy business relationship, especially during these unprecedented circumstances. How can a company make a financial decision now that will continue to be relevant once the threat is over? The voice of your customer experiences (CX) are gems awaiting discovery in your call recordings. The challenge is finding the resources to execute deep data mining, extraction, and meaningful analytics to get the full value out of these gems. The good news? The solution doesn’t have to be complicated. In this session, we will explore: CX information types you can extract from Calabrio call recordings How analytics can be applied to uncover CX insights Real examples of how contact centers leverage recording analytics to improve CX How to understand CX, through a workshop with a Calabrio consultant Join us to understand how an analytics solution can work both today and in the future to uncover the relationships your agents have with every customer.