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Pandemic Planning Series Four Key Challenges to Solve For Now

Are you facing the following challenges at this point in the pandemic? Many companies have gotten over the initial hurdle of setting up workers / agents to work from home, but many are also running on temporary solutions, such as licenses that expire in 90 days or less. Many companies have limited IT staff who don’t have the cycles to take on the additional requests coming from remote worker/agent solutions and continue to manage the rest of their workload / responsibilities to keep their systems running smoothly. Companies with legacy systems have to continue to staff teams in their data centers in order to make changes to their network environments. Companies want to be able to preserve capital wherever possible. In all cases, CIOs are going to be asked by their CEOs: Are we running on a sustainable model? Are we properly equipped for the future in terms of business continuity, new business models, and new ways of working? ConvergeOne can help. Join us at this informative webinar.