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Planning for Emergencies with the Hybrid Workforce

E911 is a service that provides for the safety of your employees and customers. New legal changes are coming, though, and with them the need to plan how to be compliant for your offices and your remote workers. Some of your employees are returning to your workspaces, but others are continuing to work from home. They will need to be able to identify their locations, no matter where they are, or where they move. Per the upcoming requirements, all devices on your communications system, whether a physical office phone, a soft client on a laptop, or an app on a mobile device must be able to provide dispatchable location. This includes devices that move back and forth from your buildings to your users’ home offices as your employees become a new hybrid workforce in today’s changing world. This service should be accessible for both your on-premise solution, as well as cloud communications solutions, such as ConvergeOne’s C1CX Cloud. Join ConvergeOne and Ken Rosko, VP of Business Development for RedSky, to hear about the upcoming legal requirements for your business. We will review the upcoming changes, how they affect your workforce, and what you need to be doing to prepare your systems and people.