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Many companies don’t think about starting a conversation with their customers—but should you be proactively reaching out to your customers? Maybe you’ve been hesitant to do so for economic or compliance reasons, or perhaps you haven’t considered the idea at all because you’re afraid of upsetting your customers. Did you know that, if done correctly—especially during times like these—Proactive Outreach can actually drive a better, more purposeful customer experience? In this webinar, Kathy Sobus, ConvergeOne Senior Director of Customer Experience Strategy, and Andee Castillo, Avaya Outbound Solutions Consultant, will share how companies can move with a purpose in trying times like the present. They will also identify business challenges companies are facing that may be causing customer churn and operational inefficiencies. Kathy and Andee will then share creative and cost-effective ways to proactively reach your customers, with use cases and industry-specific examples of how Proactive Outreach can mitigate costs and inform your customers to achieve greater satisfaction. Join this webinar to learn why your company should be taking a more proactive approach to your customer interactions!