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The Role of Analytics in a Post Pandemic World

Analytics is a big ask for enterprises, but they aren’t finding what they need – yet. Corporations have been gathering data for years, only to continue to be perplexed by what is actionable - and then to take action. Analytics can bring sales, marketing, and services together to provide a true picture of what is happening. Advancements in this area can provide insights into real-time management of customer information. In a time when we are planning for a post pandemic world, we need to reflect on what have we done over the last year. Because of the increase in need to help with unemployment calls, cancelations, procedural changes, and customer demands, many have added new digital channels and increased the amount of automation available to our customers. Now, we are faced with the logistical issues of distributing a vaccine. What have we learned from what we’ve just been through and how can we prepare for what is coming? Join a fireside chat with contact center industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith, NICE executive Matt Reading, and ConvergeOne’s Kathy Sobus to review how analytics played a part in 2020 successes and the role it can play in addressing post pandemic challenges.