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Top 5 Where to Double Down in K 12 Technology Right Now

Now more than ever, K-12 technologists are looked to for sustaining quality instruction that hits the mark, but with multiple sources of funding available, what are the priority areas to go to board with? Together, we can keep our eye on the ball. Join ConvergeOne's specialist panel of presenters and K-12 technologists, featuring fmr. K-12 CTO Anthony Thomas and Stephan George, fmr. Executive Director in Mississippi's second largest school district, for a clear picture of how education leaders across the country are meeting tough objectives with smart technology and funding. Our experts will take your questions with insights before the headlines to ensure you're best equipped to serve your communities. Board-ready solutions for Return to Class access in and outside the classroom Cyber Security for the real world, when 1 in 2 ransomware attacks in America involves a school district Educational goals that are increasingly more dependent on Cloud and secure connected technologies Best of all, we’ll tie available funding straight to the technology solutions best positioned to help your teams scale efforts for connectivity, equity, and resilience. You won't want to miss a single dollar for your district. Every student deserves a front row seat to their education, regardless of where they're learning from.