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Unstructured Data Understanding its Value and Overcoming the Inherent Challenges

Summary Is your business taking advantage of the insights that can be gleaned from unstructured data? Please join ConvergeOne for a webinar where Patrick Holden, Data Center Solutions Architect, will explain why the modern business that can better store, search, and analyze unstructured data will have a significant advantage over any of its competitors that are not doing the same. The webinar will explore: What, exactly, is unstructured data? How is it different from more traditional structured data sets? What are the latest trends and inherent challenges for the storage, management, protection, and compliance enforcement of unstructured data? Most importantly, what is needed at the infrastructure level in order to leverage competitive insights from your unstructured data? We will conclude the webinar with an overview of Pure Storage’s FlashBlade, a scale-out storage solution for modern unstructured data sets that’s been built from the ground up with these questions in mind. Join this webinar if you wish to understand the value of your data and how it can give you a competitive edge in today’s data-centric world.